Thursday, July 10, 2008

Congrats Paul & Mary Kate - u rocked Hartford

Ok so I'm definitely behind in posting..... I have allot of catching up to do..... but I had to skip about 6 weddings to give Paul and Mary Kate a sneak preview of their wedding photographs!!!!
You guys rock; I had a great time and it was evident of your affection for each other!!! Congratulations... many blessings.....

One of Paul's groomsmen worked at the capitol in Hartford and we had full access to the ROOF!! It was fantastic; a gorgeous sight with even more gorgeous photographs!!!! I was a bit nervous up there because I am scared of heights!!! But it was way tooo picturesque not to capture everything we could from every angle!!!! Amazing...... Paul and Mary Kate you rock!!!!!!

Of course we had to take a ride on the historic carousel!!! You two are sooooo cute; it was so inspiring seeing the way you make each other laugh all day long!!!

A bit out of order..... my apologies..... love this shot Paul's eyes just pop

Mary Kate you were glowing; I love this shot; its so candid and natural

Ok so we are back at the capitol for the last shot... my apologies.... but I love this one also!!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Baby Time!!

I can't resist!!!! I have allot of posting to do tonight, but I couldn't wait to show everyone some of our Pregnancy Photographs!!! They are sooooo fun; and it was so romantic!!! Nikki( thank you soooo much!!!