Monday, April 27, 2009

Mackenzie's 1st Birthday

Yesterday, I photographed Mackenzie's 1st birthday and it was a blast!!!
Check out the preview slideshow below:


Greg, Brevinn and I are leaving for AZ this Wednesday for about a week!!! So excited!!!
Just a little note to say if you have urgent reason to contact me you can call 507-380-7867.
We will be visiting family and it's a true relaxation!!!!

Arizona relived & looking ahead

So in January this year, Brevinn and I traveled to Phoenix so that we could see family!!! ....and I there was an international photography convention at the brand new Phoenix Convention Center!!! Gorgeous!!! I have a few pics below from the trip that I haven't shared yet!!

A few of my little sister Betsy's senior session!!!!

My younger bro Ben....we like to call him strictly Uncle Ben's Rice

My mommy and daddy...they are soooo young looking!!!! They are both very active so they keep in really good shape. My dad rides bike in the crazy mountains and my mom teaches and and serves at a restaurant.
This is Greg's brother Tony! He had a short lived stay in Phoenix; he didn't care for it so he's moving back to Milwaukee by his friends and girlfriend.

This is one of the albums that Zookbinders gave me!!! They are one of the album companies I use for my various album designs!!! So excited to be working with them!!! And the reason I am showing this to you is....because they used my album for about 5 or 6 of their samples!!! Soooo exciting!!! And even better they gave me 2 of them!!!! That is what the below left photograph is all about!!!

Amazing view from the Center!!


April 19th-We drove to queens to watch the Mets take on our beloved Milwaukee Brewers at Citi field. This was Brevinn's first brewer game and he was decked out!!! - mini tatoos and all
Also we were so excited to have my brother come out to visit us; he came just in time for the game!!! My brother Matt lives in Minnesota and has his own wedding videography company(savedbygracestudios); crazy that we ended up in the same field of business.

This is just a little snippet of our favorite diner in Plainville, CT.
So vintage...looooooove it!!! I hope to have several shoots at this awesome location soon!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Card Shower for my BETH

This is a custom designed invitation for a Card Shower for my friend Beth who is having a BOY in late June!!! I was soooooo excited that I was able to take photograph of her at 18 weeks!!!! I didn't think I'd even be able to see her during her pregnancy!!! I miss being close to her and my good friend Richelle who live in close proximity to eachother and before we moved to Connecticut we were only 1 hour away from BOTH of them!!! We still talk allllot and with the benefit of Skype, it doesn't feel very far away!!! BTW a card shower is when: you pick a week to shower your friend/family member with gifts because the majority of those involved live a far distance away!!! It's a wonderful way to show your support, and very fun for the honored one!!! This was a surprise card shower soooooo she didn't know until this past Monday and she called me saying she started receiving gifts!!! YEY Congrats Beth, I wish you all the best with your upcoming labor and delivery!!!!

These are my fold-over cards at their best!!!! I love creating unique cards for every occasion!!! This is a card shower I put together for one of my BESTEST friends in Minnesota... we were both the Maids of Honor at eachothers' weddings!!! I can create cards like these for birthday parties, showers, thank you's, wedding announcements or save the dates, Christmas card, Easter cards, and any holiday you could think of!!!

Brevinn's official 6 month Slideshow!!!

These are updated photographs taken today!!! I actually waited to photograph Brevinn until his 7th month because he just started sitting up in the last couple weeks!!!! He's reaching for everything now and even know the "pick-up" know I drop it and mom you pick it up!!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009


These were a few photographs taken around Brevinn's 6 month birthday!!! This first one is my Favorite!!!!

Hungry time...whenever Brevinn is hungry or starting to get tired or just starting to wake up he gets this pout y pout y face that is irresistibly do they have to grow up???

So the session actually started out with this image...amazing huh...I just can't get over his's priceless....daddy decided to give Brevinn a goofy doo as he usually does after every bath!!!! How silly!!!! I love my boys!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


So this year I've had the pleasure of working with a mom by the name of Pia! She is very creative and has allot of fun decorating ideas for her home! We designed these canvases for her daughters' playroom!!! We photographed the girls last summer and these are the two prints she chose for the room!!!! They look so beautiful!!!!

So the boys that are helping paint and finish Pia's beautiful home helped us place the gallery wraps perfectly in the space. The room is at the end of a long open space which contains their kitchen, dining, and living room!!! It's so exciting to see them on the wall in such a perfect way for that space!!!

Grandma enjoying the prints for the first time!!!
I don't know if she realizes that I took a photograph of her!!! I love this because it's like she is looking at a painting in an art gallery.... hmmm galleria vivid....ring a bell....ok I'm a dork...but I have to try, right?!!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Greg and I like to get involved with the youth in our church!!! They are such a great group of kids, and very well behaved of course!! We went to Nomad's in South's an indoor adventure world!! They all seemed to have a great time....I can tell I'm getting old because 2 hours in their was plenty of time for me!!! We are looking forward to several events this summer and can't wait until we start meeting regularly after church!! Not pictured in the group picture were several mom's and our new Pastor's wife that came my scatter brain mommy head I totally forgot to get a picture of them!!! Oh well Next time....Thanks again for helping out ladies I truly appreciate it!!!

Brevinn was tuckered out after a long day with the BIG kids!!!

Ooops I woke him up with all my clicking!!
This outfit that he is wearing is one of my favorites!! It's from a store that I network with called, "My New Wardrobe" in Avon!! They are great!! You should check them out sometime!!! They have been wonderful for my Children's portrait business allowing me to put fun playful portraits of children in their little boutique and now we are working on another campaign!!!
When you spend over $125 at MY NEW WARDROBE you'll receive a FREE Session from ME!!