Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Betsy's Senior Photographs at Westgate

Well it's been a crazy month for us... I am currently in Wisconsin as we returned there with urgency when Greg's grandpa passed away last Tuesday. Brevinn and I have been traveling more than we've been home this month...and the months almost over!! Unbelievable!!! Well I am sharing with you a few images of my talented sister Betsy! She is a senior in HS!
Well when Brevinn and I went to AZ the first day there I took Betsy's photos at WestGate a brand new plaza shopping dining center near the Cardinals Stadium!! It is a gorgeous place to photograph!!! Betsy's friend Bobby came along and helped out!!! Betsy I am so proud of you!!! I can't wait to see what college will bring for you!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

OFF TO Phoenix

Sooooo I'm quite excited tomorrow at 10:00 Brevinn and I are heading up to the airport to board for Phoenix Arizona...the home of my wonderful family. My parents and little brother and sister live in Peoria and my Grandparents live in Tucson!! YEY I'm so excited about this trip because I get to take my younger sister Betsy's senior photos!!!!! WOW she getting so mature and grown up I can hardly believe it, I can still picture her running around in a diaper and commanding my little brother Ben to play school and color and basically do whatever she wanted him to!! Now you'd never know that we called her the little general...infact she is just sweet as a muffin!!! Also Brevinn is so lucky because he is going to have lots of love and attention from all his babysitters including my dad and my Grandma and Grandpa Grams who are coming up to Phoenix to help me out while I attend the Imaging USA CONFERENCE!!!! YEY ----mostly I'm just soooo excited to see my family and more everyone to see how Brevinn has grown and changed!!!

MUDDalicious, Mudd-Lite, my friend Marianthy

So Monday, I did my first glamour session of 2009...
I wanted to expand my horizons with this session for two reasons, One to start advertising myNEW GLAM SESSION - Sophisticated Sassy and I needed a session to kick start it!! SECONDLY, I thought of a fantastic idea!!!! I am going to photograph 12 eligible ladies at ESPN (several of our close friends will get to have a chance of course) and then create a Miss CT calendar, with facts about each of the lovely ladies....Then of course sell them for charity!!! Fun, right!!!!??? Ok so this might take awhile but I am going to do it!!
Back to Mudd, one of Greg an I's wonderfully caring, considerate, fun, funny, most eligible and delightful, and a great babysitter!! We had so much fun and I was so excited about the images that were created!! She is a natural in front of the camera!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009


If you are a blog follower and don't often look at my website....Now is the time...I just revamped it and I am quite excited...we are a bit in the working phases but I now have not only a portrait sight but a WEDDING SIGHT!!!! YEY!!!! Check it out!!! galleriavivid.com


Ok so the images below the wedding of the reflection in the rearview mirror...I had about a half an hour of down time before we photographed the getting ready photographs!!! So I spent some time taking a few experimental photos and I loved them, so I posted them along with the wedding photos!!! 

Sally & Patryk, Winter Wonderland

Last Saturday I photographed a wedding with Eric Foley, the first of about 15 this year!! Fun!!! I am stoked about shooting with Eric again this year; he pushes the limits of photography and definitely creates an easy-going atmosphere for the bride and groom and the whole crew who is assisting him!! We had a great time at this wedding it was a gorgeous premise for photographing!!! It was cold out but Sally and Patryk were brave and stood outside for about a half hour of shooting!!!

This is one of my all time favs!!!! Hilarious!!!!