Monday, December 29, 2008

Baby's 3 month Photo Session

Yesterday, I photographed Brevinn for his 3 month session! I know he is getting big but seeing the photographs definitely proves his growth, WOW!!! He is getting to be such a character with his squealing and gabbering!!! I am looking forward to starting album designs for him! I am going to do a pregnancy/NICU/1st month album and also a 3, 6, 9, 12 month album!!! I also received a free scrapbook from the NICU so I've done a bit of that over Christmas, its really fun, I enjoyed it allot!!! 

Dad is trying to teach him how to punt the football, but Brevinn will have none of it!!!! We took these photographs in his crib, it worked out really well because his crib sheets are white and blue and his shirt was opposite!!! 

Its so fun that he turned 3 months old around Christmas, it will be a great addition to his first year album!!!

We had to show off his packer outfit that he got from Aunt Sue, Uncle Mike and cousins Jake and Gretch!!!! he has a sweater that is from Grandma Grams that we'll have to get a photo with he is now fitting into it!!! Even though it was a sad season for the Pack we have to show B-rev that we will stick with them in the good and the bad times!!! He definitely agrees!!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas from Baby Vinn Vinn

Brevinn just wanted to say eeeh kowauughel oow..neene to everybody!!!
It means Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

PJ's and Ponytails!!!!

On Christmas Eve's Eve I photographed these two adorable little girls Maddie & Mackenzie!!! I love the way kids never fail to amaze, surprise and awe me with the awesome variety of expressions they have!!! We photographed in Maddie's brand new bedroom and also Pia and Mickey's new bedroom!!! Their house is a work of art; its truly beautiful!!! I look forward to shooting in other rooms!!!

Merry Christmas from the Vandermauses!!!!

MY BOOBOO, he is such a doll!!! I can't help it!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

A day in West Hartford & the Cheesecake factory

Our friend Becky came up to visit us from DC where she just got a job for the Minnesota State Senator; Congrats Becky!!! So she took these fun photos for us when we went to West Hartford Center for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory!! The Cheesecake factory was phenom as usual!!! Greg and I shared the snickers cheesecake, fantastic!!! Thanks Becky for taking the photos!! You rock!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

November in Wisconsin

In November we went to Wisconsin for two weeks to celebrate Brevinn's baptism and see family!! Right below are photographs we took at the Milwaukee domes!!!! Wisconsin definitely does not have these flowers in November outside of the domes. Infact, ironically my family came up from Phoenix and when we were visiting the domes there was a desert climate room that looked exactly like Arizona!!! Just sillyness!!!

We celebrated the November birthdays at Marty's a favorite for the Grams family!!!
It was Grandpa Grams, Matt(my brother), and Bobcat(betsy's boyfriends birthday)
along with a family friend Rebecca's (not pictured above)

These little boys are all cousins!!! And they are all born within 24 hours!!! The boys are all sons of 3 girls who are cousins whose mom's are sisters!!! Isaac and Luke were born on Sept. 15th and Brevinn was born on Sept.16th at 12:04 am!!! If we stilled lived in the midwest they would have been born on the same day!! There was an article in the Watertown, WI paper about it!!

Ava and Brevinn are cousins on Greg's side!!!! I have photographed Ava allot!! It is sooo fun to see how much she has grown; she is soooo tall!!! Her and Brevinn are one year and 2 weeks apart!!! She has a brother or sister coming in spring so this was good practice for her to be around an infant!!! They were so cute together!!!!

So this year Phil decided we should a copoff of the Brady Bunch!!! So here it is!!!!!

Quick Family Session!

Before we took a 2 week trip to Wisconsin in November- Nikki came over and took a few photos!!! We love them Thank you Sooooo much!!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008


So last Thursday there was PUG meeting in West Hartford that I attended and Carla Ten Eyke of Hartford spoke about her personal projects that she does in conjunction with her sessions! These projects are mostly fun and silly; however she created a series of images for a grant and this series was inspirational & electric! The name of it was Seeing real women, Really seeing women!
Great, right! The best part is that the show is local, I am working on finding the address for all of you!!!

After this meeting, I've discovered that I need to have more projects!!!
So project number one that is floating through the back of my mind: Grounded
No not sent to your room because you arrived 5.5 hours after curfew!
Actually Grounded: what brings me back to earth and helps keep my inner peace!
For 1: I am brought down to earth by attending worship at my church Messiah Lutheran of South Windsor.
For 2: My husband always brings me down to earth when my thoughts get ahead of reality especially at the shopping mall. (dang, I know he's right too, as much as I fight the need for another pair of trendy shoes that aren't functional only fun!!!!)
So grounded, what makes you grounded? and how do you photograph that!!!! I guess I am up for the challenge!!!! If anyone has any insight you should email me and I'd love to hear it...who knows....when you ask ambiguous just never know where it could take you...

Also amidst my new project phase I am finalizing my association with "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" and national photography association that helps families cope with the loss of their tiny infant by beautifully photographing the children at the hospitals at no charge. To find out more you can go to

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall in Love with Ashley & Justin

Yesterday, we went to Black Rock state park in Watertown to photograph Justin & Ashley's engagement!!! We had a great time! It ended up being a perfect fall day for photographing not too cold at all, yey! Ashley & Justin were a little apprehensive in being affectionate in front of the camera, but you'd never know it....they quickly got the hang of things!!! You two are beautiful, congrats again, I can't wait for the wedding!!!! I am photographing this awesome couple through Nikki Nicole Photography!!!! Thanks Nikki for connecting me with such a fun couple!!!


Justin- I know you're going to kill me for this one, but it is tooooo funny! I am nasty, I know! Well Ashley you have some great material; if you ever need it!

I loved all the ring shots we got; you are the best Ashley for being sooooo flexible!!! I know we are going to have a blast on your wedding day!!!