Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hayley is 10 {CT children's photography}

This is Hayley, she is 10, she is a cheerleader, and she had a fantastic smile!!!! I had the honor of photographing Hayley last and now again this year at age 10, how exciting! I know Hayley and her parents through our church in South Windsor, Messiah Lutheran on Buckland Road! I don't have too much time to say more today...I'm heading to PA to meet my rockin grandparents, YEYYYY, then I have a wedding in upper New York state on Saturday! Blessings and Bubblegum!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Into the mist, Justin & Ashley {CT wedding photography}

Hello Everyone, I am so thrilled to blog about this amazing couple and their wedding almost 2 weeks ago now. Ashley & Justin are some of the sweetest people I've ever met, and are they ever photogenic! I photographed this wedding for Nikki Nicole of Nikki Nicole Photography, I'd met with them when I was 9 month pregnant and they book me, WOW!!! Pretty cool!
I hope you had a fantastic honeymoon, enjoy the photographs!!!! MUCH LOVE!!!! It was an truly an honor to capture the real moments of your big day!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

the Raabe's

These are a few snapshots of the Raabe's and their new home!!! Greg and I went to college with Nate and Richelle and now they have a daughter Mattea who is almost 2 and a brand new home in Eden Prairie!!! Brevinn and I crashed there all weekend, it was a blast, of course, as usual!!!! Thanks for all your hospitality!!! Much Love!!! I wanted to do a full out session of the fam, but Nate and Mattea actually flew to Chicago for the weekend!!! Richelle just wanted a quick picture of them in front of their new home, because they are going to send out "we've moved" cards!!!!

Baby Noah {CT children's photographer}

These are our GREAT friends, Beth & Mark, and their baby Noah!!!! He is a doll, he is so handsome!!! It was just a blast to be able to hang out with them for an extended weekend, unfortunately Greg had to work...boohoo...but Brevinn and I thoroughly enjoyed our time hanging out with them. I don't know if we had spent that much time together since college, it was so much fun! Beth's & Mark's parents were also there, and it was really great to see them again too! Beth was the maid of honor at my wedding....just another little tidbit!!! ENJOY, we miss you guys!!!!!!!!