Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hailie's day out in West Hartford Center

Michele(Hailie's mommy), Hailie and I had a girls evening out in West Hartford Center! -I originally met Michele and Hailie through out church Messiah Lutheran in South Windsor! Now it is Hailie's 9th birthday coming up and we had an awesome time capturing her vibrant and darling personality!!! Then they took me out to the Cheesecake Factory, UUUMMMM!! Thank you for the treat, it was awesome!! One of the outfits that Hailie is wearing is a traditional outfit from Whales, Michele has traveled there 3 times this year for work, including one visit for about a month!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Baby V. Nursery!!!!

So I've been waiting a long time to take some FUN photos of Baby V's room(ever since I envisioned it months ago)!!!! I really put way too much time into this tiny space for tiny baby who won't sleep in this space for at least 3 months!!!! Well!!!! I just couldn't help myself; this is way too much fun!!! We are now in the 38th week and baby could come at any time!!! We are all ready and really looking forward to the few visitors we will have coming this month!!! Grandma and Grandpa Grams(my grandma and grandpa) will be coming sometime after the 20th of September and we have a good friend who's coming for an interview at ESPN (we are soooo pumped to possibly have another great friends move to the east coast and work with Greg)!!! Also we just found out that Greg's brother Phil will be out here for Labor Day!!! Busy month coming up!!! I keep saying to my tummy....."We can't wait to meet you baby, and mommys ready whenever you are!!!!"

OK, so this last photograph is the 20x40 in our living room from our Maternity Session!!!! We love it!!!! Soon I'd like to photograph our apartment so friend and family far away can see the improvements!!!! We finally have the whole apartment decorated, well at least there are no blank walls!!! More to come but I was just toooo excited about this print not to share it with everyone!!!! Thanks again Nikki!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

DIANE & PETE!!!! How ADORABLE in Groton!!!!

Ok so this wedding was about three months ago!!! But that is OK!!! I still wanted to show off some stella shots!!!! 
This was one of the first weddings I shot with Eric Foley of the 11 we did together this summer!!! This was a GORGEOUS Spring Day and we shot some VIVID photographs of this lively couple Diane and Pete!!! Thanks Eric for bringing me along!!! Check out Eric's work at!!!