Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vacation Day Camp {Messiah Lutheran, South Windsor, CT}

Last week we helped out at our church's yearly vacation bible camp. Messiah does such a great job at putting on this week long All Day camp! I was so honored to be asked to take pictures and then create a slideshow at the end of the week! I had a blast and was thankful to have so many helpers to watch with Brevinn so I could photograph!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cary & Nick {small town classaaay connecticut}

I had the pleasure of going to Danielson, CT last week for an engagement shoot...Cary & Nick you Rock! We had so much fun in the rainy mist that found us at the end of the shoot....honestly I LoooooVE shooting in the's almost the BEST situation ever!!!! I can't get enough!!!! It was interesting that poured all morning and evening, and while we shot it was perfectly dry and near the end of our shoot it started to mist which was magnificant, JUST what I wanted!!!! YEY

I think this is one of my favorite photographs of ALL time, yippee!!

Cary, you are a FIIIIINE LADY, the camera loves you!!!

I love these ring shots, for many reasons...but it was fitting to do them in a really rusty construction site, because Nick is a get fix-it-up type of guy, infact he does renovations for a living.

This is outside the store front of their special jeweler that landed them this amazing anitquey ring

Look closely and you'll see something written.....hmmmmm

Ok, so I had to put this photograph in the series, because Cary & Nick were so much fun and they got in the river up to their knees for some romantic shots.

It was an HONOR to photograph you two, see you for the wedding this fall, can't wait!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Jessica & Ryan in NY{immaculate detailing}

So, I could post about a hundred photographs from this wedding!!!! I am so pumped about this wedding, because it was my first wedding using my NEW CAMERA!!!! YEY!!!! I just received the Canon Mark II, an amazing camera that is going to transform my images with the depth and clarity each image contains even at 4000 ISO, as well as the full-frame view that I cannot get enough of!!!! YEY
I shot this wedding for and with Travis Flynn of TRAVIS FLYNN PHOTOGRAPHY!
He met Ryan, the groom, while he was shooting a Stanley Cup Celebration which Ryan's team won a couple years back while he was playing for the Ducks. Very cool!!! It was an honor to photograph such a fun couple with so much thought put into every last detail of the wedding....I have a feeling that part was Jessica!
I hope I am getting all of these details correct!!!
Also there was a kick butt band!!!! They didnt' have a card with them, but they have mine, so I"m waiting for them to email me so I can send them some FUN pictures I captured of them rocking out!!! They were phenom I'm telling you....I always get the urge to strike a move at the reception but this time, it was unbearable to not bust a move!!!
Thanks again for allowing me to capture these fleeting moments.... for you Ryan & Jessica!!!

It was a beautiful day in an unpredictable summer!!!

Jess knows how to light up the camera, amazing beauty!

The back of her dress was a work of art, unbelievable!

I love how artistic this shot ended up being, the statue peering over at them....interesting

So in the slideshow you'll see three different "m&m's in the flowers - arrangements"...this was my favorite!

I hope I'm this cool when I have white hair!!! LOVE THIS COUPLE!!!

This group of tuxed men were hilarious, with their cameras and concerns!!!

The band rocked!!!! and I had allot of fun experimenting with the ambient light created by their effect lighting
(I'm sure that's not the term but it makes sense to me)!!!

This kid was smooth.....I looooove this shot!!! HOW FUN!!!! Ok, I say kid, but I don't know he could be one of those ageless people that always looks like they are in their prime!!! When he finds this, he will correct me, I am sure!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ava & Bria {Our beautiful Nieces}

So I'm finally posting pictures of our beautiful nieces, newborn Bria & Ava!!! I am so honored to always photograph these girls and Angie(my sister-in-law) lets me always try new fun ideas I have!!!! It was a blast to be home spending time with them, and letting the 3 cousins play....I have a few pictures of the three of was a rough little session because they were all ready for a nap at that time!!!! I'll post more of those soon!

This is a little headband I bought for Bria for her baptism at "My New Wardrobe" in Avon, a cute clothing boutique.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stephanie & Warren {villa love} part1

June 27th, 2009 Stephanie & Warren became husband and wife. It was a gorgeous sunny day in the rainiest month of the year, what a blessing!!! We had a blast photographing the wedding!!! My partner in crime was Dennis Milewski of Bristol. He did a fantastic job, I'll put his photographs up really soon!!!! This first picture is of Dennis shooting the venue!!!! Good work Dennis it is a pleasure to have you on my team!!!

Dennis concentrating....he has a natural eye for landscape and & architectural portraiture!!!

One of the most beautiful dresses I've ever seen!!!!

Looooooove this shot...Alex, their son, is such a ham!!!!