Wednesday, March 19, 2008


this image was taken at 3am when we were waiting for the path train back to Jersey...
I call it - "Art is happening right now"
....because we were sitting there completely exhausted and restless because many of us needed to use the restroom for sometime now.... and I know that many times when I vacation I feel that I don't have the time to see the best angle because we are always on the go but when you get a moment to just look around you art is happening!!!

Greg and I went to the city to visit our friends Becky and Mark for an adventure!!!! Becky actually lived in NYC for a year (now she lives in Mankato, MN - where we just moved from) when she interned at Fox News so she was our tour guide, and she had allot of exciting plans for us each day!!! Many of these photographs Greg and Becky helped me with also!!! 

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~Gina Cuff said...

I have enjoyed looking at your photos. Beautiful work!