Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy 50th Anniversary Grandma & Grandpa {married December 5th, 1959}

Hello Everyone, we are currently with our family in Arizona to celebrate a very special time in the lives of my Grandparents, Beverly and Bill Grams! We celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this week. The party was this past Sunday and was it a very special time!!!! A lot of tears, happy, sappy and sentimental. My brother, Matt, put together an amazingly personal and beautiful slide show presentation. It was phenomenal. He is great at choosing music to fit the story line, it was very touching. I hope he can put it on his blog, and I'll link you to it at that time. For now, this is his blog:

I cannot say enough about how my grandparents have greatly impacted my life. Grandma and grandpa Grams are always ready for a party, an adventure, a trip to the mountains or a trip to Italy!!! They are a couple that exceed expectations in many ways, such as volunteering for everything from vacation Bible school to homeless shelters, they really set the bar high. I've loved and respected them always and truly hope that I can not only be as active as them throughout my life, but also be as loving and giving as they are. My grandma always has more treats than you can imagine waiting for me. Favorites being: choc. chip bars, cheesecake(all flavors), & pretty much anything she makes is delish!!!! She is also a cheerleader for me and all of my siblings and cousins, always excited and proud of us even with all of our different interests. Also, I have a grandpa Willy who is the funniest person I know. Really, he just keeps us rolling. I can't get enough, he is just so wonderful, now the best part is he gets Brevinn laughing and giggling too!!!! I've been so blessed to have grandparents who spoil me rotten with love and laughter!!!!!

Grandma and Grandpa's formal wedding photograph

Grandma and Grandpa with their 3 sons, Mike, Tim, & Neal. Tim is my dad, he's in Bill's arms. I absolutely LOVE this photograph, Beverly is just a knockout, she is so beautiful, looking like a movie star, just like she always is and has been!!!! Also, love the matching jackets and outfits, they are SO stylish!

This picture was taken at Jim Thorpe, PA, this fall. I took it intentionally for the's not fitting because they are wearing jackets. They live in Arizona for half the year and Arkansas the rest of the year, so jackets are foreign objects to them....Ha!!!! However, when they come visit us in the east, they must wear jackets!!! I know grandpa said he doesn't like this photograph, and I'm sorry gramps.....but I LOVE IT!!!!! To me it's a great picture because you are always smiling and I wanted to captured one of your REAL smiles. You know so many times we pose for pictures and are smiles are silly and fake...well I have several shots of you and grammy looking at my camera not very candidly, if you know what I mean. Then I asked for an anniversary kiss so I can take a picture, and this great expression is what I caught after the little kiss!!! Ha, I'm pretty tricky!

Hugs and Kisses,
Missy, Greg, & Brevinn

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