Monday, January 14, 2008


This is Betsy's soccer game, yes she play on a H.S. co-ed team, she is so tuff!!!! She is getting so old!!! I know cliche, but hello unbelivable! I love ya girl!!

The boys watching the GB Packers at Fox Sports Grill in West Gate right next to the AZ Cardinal's stadium!
Grandma and Grandpa!!

Home of Super Bowl 42!!!!! Go Green Bay!!!

Greg & I have been so BLESSED!! For Christmas in Mid-December we went to Arizona to visit my family: Grandma Bev, Grandpa Bill, Mommy Brenda, Daddy Tim, Baby sister Betsy, and Baby brother Ben who live in Peoria! Even more exciting Greg's mom and dad, Karen & Jerry, came to Arizona that same week! Here are a few images from  Vacation 1#!

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