Thursday, June 5, 2008

Belly Photo TIME!!!!

My belly is increasing in mass daily and its time to take belly photos!!! Nikki Nicole is going to take them, thank you so much Nikki!!!
I am so thrilled because I had all these wild and crazy ideas of what I want to do for our Maternity Portraits and it is all coming together!!!! We are going to go to the Museum of American Art in New Britian, and I'll be wearing a deep red wrap(for now that is the color of choice)!!! Also I thought of the idea of writing a little message to our baby on my belly for some artistic close-ups of the belly!!! I can't wait!!!! It will say, "we cannot wait to meet you for you are our miracle" Fun!!! I did a test run of the words and such and took a quick iphoto picture to get an idea what it will look like!!!! Here are the tests...


Robin Dini Photography said...

awwww! how exciting. what a great idea. Many blessings and well wishes to your little bundle of joy. I hope these next few months are magical for you, and not so uncomfortable :)

nikki nicole photography said...

ohhhhh i cannot wait till tomorrow!!!!!

the belly looks sooooo cool!!!!!