Monday, November 24, 2008


So last Thursday there was PUG meeting in West Hartford that I attended and Carla Ten Eyke of Hartford spoke about her personal projects that she does in conjunction with her sessions! These projects are mostly fun and silly; however she created a series of images for a grant and this series was inspirational & electric! The name of it was Seeing real women, Really seeing women!
Great, right! The best part is that the show is local, I am working on finding the address for all of you!!!

After this meeting, I've discovered that I need to have more projects!!!
So project number one that is floating through the back of my mind: Grounded
No not sent to your room because you arrived 5.5 hours after curfew!
Actually Grounded: what brings me back to earth and helps keep my inner peace!
For 1: I am brought down to earth by attending worship at my church Messiah Lutheran of South Windsor.
For 2: My husband always brings me down to earth when my thoughts get ahead of reality especially at the shopping mall. (dang, I know he's right too, as much as I fight the need for another pair of trendy shoes that aren't functional only fun!!!!)
So grounded, what makes you grounded? and how do you photograph that!!!! I guess I am up for the challenge!!!! If anyone has any insight you should email me and I'd love to hear it...who knows....when you ask ambiguous just never know where it could take you...

Also amidst my new project phase I am finalizing my association with "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" and national photography association that helps families cope with the loss of their tiny infant by beautifully photographing the children at the hospitals at no charge. To find out more you can go to

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