Monday, December 29, 2008

Baby's 3 month Photo Session

Yesterday, I photographed Brevinn for his 3 month session! I know he is getting big but seeing the photographs definitely proves his growth, WOW!!! He is getting to be such a character with his squealing and gabbering!!! I am looking forward to starting album designs for him! I am going to do a pregnancy/NICU/1st month album and also a 3, 6, 9, 12 month album!!! I also received a free scrapbook from the NICU so I've done a bit of that over Christmas, its really fun, I enjoyed it allot!!! 

Dad is trying to teach him how to punt the football, but Brevinn will have none of it!!!! We took these photographs in his crib, it worked out really well because his crib sheets are white and blue and his shirt was opposite!!! 

Its so fun that he turned 3 months old around Christmas, it will be a great addition to his first year album!!!

We had to show off his packer outfit that he got from Aunt Sue, Uncle Mike and cousins Jake and Gretch!!!! he has a sweater that is from Grandma Grams that we'll have to get a photo with he is now fitting into it!!! Even though it was a sad season for the Pack we have to show B-rev that we will stick with them in the good and the bad times!!! He definitely agrees!!!


Jessica said...

what an adorable little ham!!

i hope you had a blessed christmas.

liam got lots of chicago bears jerseys for christmas! ;)

Robin Dini Photography said...

aw! that first shot with the red velvet is so adorable! check out that hair!