Wednesday, December 17, 2008

November in Wisconsin

In November we went to Wisconsin for two weeks to celebrate Brevinn's baptism and see family!! Right below are photographs we took at the Milwaukee domes!!!! Wisconsin definitely does not have these flowers in November outside of the domes. Infact, ironically my family came up from Phoenix and when we were visiting the domes there was a desert climate room that looked exactly like Arizona!!! Just sillyness!!!

We celebrated the November birthdays at Marty's a favorite for the Grams family!!!
It was Grandpa Grams, Matt(my brother), and Bobcat(betsy's boyfriends birthday)
along with a family friend Rebecca's (not pictured above)

These little boys are all cousins!!! And they are all born within 24 hours!!! The boys are all sons of 3 girls who are cousins whose mom's are sisters!!! Isaac and Luke were born on Sept. 15th and Brevinn was born on Sept.16th at 12:04 am!!! If we stilled lived in the midwest they would have been born on the same day!! There was an article in the Watertown, WI paper about it!!

Ava and Brevinn are cousins on Greg's side!!!! I have photographed Ava allot!! It is sooo fun to see how much she has grown; she is soooo tall!!! Her and Brevinn are one year and 2 weeks apart!!! She has a brother or sister coming in spring so this was good practice for her to be around an infant!!! They were so cute together!!!!

So this year Phil decided we should a copoff of the Brady Bunch!!! So here it is!!!!!

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