Monday, May 25, 2009

Groton beach gorgeousness

This Memorial Day weekend I shot two weddings with Eric Foley of Eric Foley Photography. It was a blast and I can't wait to show of some photos...but first I need to go back a whole week and show you the fun beach session I did with Sal and Lori for their engagement session!!!

Two Saturdays ago now, I went down to Groton to photograph Lori, Sal, and Jaden. It was an overcast day that started out beautifully, 70's and a slight breeze! Sal's parents have a home right on the water so it was fitting to photograph them at the lighthouse park that was literally 500 feet away. Jaden was sickened by all the kissing, but thoroughly enjoyed sticking his tongue out for me to photograph a silly picture of the whole scene. It was a pleasure to photograph you, Sal and Lori, and I look forward to capturing the beautiful memories and silly moments again at your wedding!!!


nikki nicole photography said...

omg i totally know sal from high school why did you not tell me about this?? What an amazing job! glad they got such a wonderful photographer for their wedding!

Travis Flynn said...

Solid work. Fun! I especially like the one of Jaden pointing back to Sal and Lori.