Friday, July 10, 2009

Baby's 1st Haircut {Willy's barbershop in Kiel}

While we were in Wisconsin over the 4th Brevinn got his 1st official haircut! He was becoming a mongrel. So we had the privilege of having Willy cut Brevinn's hair. Who is Willy you ask? He has been a full time barber for at least 50 years, I have to get the exact number....He has cut 4 generations of hair in the Vandermause family and he's not done yet! Well I was so impressed with his quick cutting and knowledge of what exactly needed to be done! Brevinn's grandpa Jerry gets his haircut from Willy every month still, Grandpa has a flat top but we didn't think Brevinn was quite ready for that so Willy just trimmed him up a bit!

I can't help it I just love his expression and I couldn't decide color and I gave you both!


Erik Maziarz said...

so fun! holy smokes he looks so much like Dad!

nikki nicole photography said...

omg i cannot believe how big he is!!

Travis Flynn said...

All three pictures are really nice. Brevinn's eyes are full of wisdom.