Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jeni & Brandon, art meets e-shoot {Galleria Vivid - MN wedding photography}

I am ecstatic about this session, I really I can't contain myself! So last week I was in Minnesota staying with some friends for fun and photographs. This couple is Jeni Novosad & Brandon Meyer. I was in the art program at Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato, MN with Jeni, in college we traveled to Italy for 2 weeks and roomed together, it was phenom!!! Ok back to Jeni & Brandon, their wedding is next year and their themes are, in Jeni's words: antique, gallery, old Hollywood glamor, black & white, and Fuchsia as an accent color, black and white ostrich feathers, beta fish, art, all white flowers. FUN.... is all I can say! We took their engagement photographs at the sculpture garden outside of the Walker Art Institute, a few streets down from the Walker, the MIA, and a commercial cruise boat on the Mississippi! I had a blast, thank you Jen & Brandon, I CANNOT WAIT for the wedding!!

ABOVE: This was one of my favorite locations of the day, it was the last place we went!!! Thanks to a recommendation by Brandon's groomsmen (he works for this cruise company and was able to get us in to the cruise boat for photographs) Thank you again!!!

I LOVE shooting in art museums!!!

ABOVE: ONE OF MY favsssss, so sweet & LOVE the color

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