Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wedding Product Stylings {Galleria Vivid Shopping}

Below are a few images of the products I carry for wedding clients! To see more information, go to:

Above: The 10x10 finao album, with an ICE cover, designed for Sal & Lori!
I photographed their wedding last summer in Middletown.

3 above: an example of the Fine Art Proof Box, it is an amazing way to display your images, and have a 4x6 of every image. In the digital age, we often forget the value of a printed proof. These printed proofs are beautiful, they come with a retro white border, basic retouching, & an art paper finish.


モバゲー said...


阪神ジュベナイルフィリーズ said...

阪神ジュベナイルフィリーズ 2010を徹底予想!!過去の結果やデータから分かる高配当の法則…出走馬の状態などを現地のスタッフからお届けします!

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