Monday, January 5, 2009

Sally & Patryk, Winter Wonderland

Last Saturday I photographed a wedding with Eric Foley, the first of about 15 this year!! Fun!!! I am stoked about shooting with Eric again this year; he pushes the limits of photography and definitely creates an easy-going atmosphere for the bride and groom and the whole crew who is assisting him!! We had a great time at this wedding it was a gorgeous premise for photographing!!! It was cold out but Sally and Patryk were brave and stood outside for about a half hour of shooting!!!

This is one of my all time favs!!!! Hilarious!!!!


Morgan said...

Missy, I love your website! You have beautiful pictures! A new mom and a successful career! Good for you! Keep on taking awesome pictures and being an awesome mom!

Eric Foley said...

Great job Missy as always! I had a great time and they LOVED their images.