Thursday, January 8, 2009

OFF TO Phoenix

Sooooo I'm quite excited tomorrow at 10:00 Brevinn and I are heading up to the airport to board for Phoenix Arizona...the home of my wonderful family. My parents and little brother and sister live in Peoria and my Grandparents live in Tucson!! YEY I'm so excited about this trip because I get to take my younger sister Betsy's senior photos!!!!! WOW she getting so mature and grown up I can hardly believe it, I can still picture her running around in a diaper and commanding my little brother Ben to play school and color and basically do whatever she wanted him to!! Now you'd never know that we called her the little general...infact she is just sweet as a muffin!!! Also Brevinn is so lucky because he is going to have lots of love and attention from all his babysitters including my dad and my Grandma and Grandpa Grams who are coming up to Phoenix to help me out while I attend the Imaging USA CONFERENCE!!!! YEY ----mostly I'm just soooo excited to see my family and more everyone to see how Brevinn has grown and changed!!!

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