Monday, October 26, 2009

October Snow, with Morgan & Padriac {CT Engagement Photography}

I recently had the extreme privilege of photographing an autumn snow....amazing to say the least! On our way to Mass, we were unsure how the day would unfold in terms of weather, but the closer we came to our destination the more the sun decided to peek out of the clouds! We drove to Bash Bish Falls located in Mt. Washington, MA. These falls were amazing truly! On this day I was photographing Morgan and Padriac, one of the first couple's to book me for their wedding in 2010. These two are unbelievably sweet! I know I seem to say that all of the time, but seriously the couples that I get to know through my work, WOW, I cannot say enough about them, they are GREAT!!!! For some reason, Morgan and I seemed to have clicked right away, I feel like I've known her forever. Morgan and Padriac, it's always a pleasure!!!! Blessings & Bubblegum! Much Love, Missy

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