Friday, November 6, 2009

An afternoon at Harkness Momorial {CT family portrait photography}

2 weeks ago now, I had the pleasure of photographing the Singer family at Harkness Memorial in Waterford, CT. We also photographed them in their backyard in Niantic, CT a bit before our drive to Harkness. I know this wonderful family from my church in South Windsor, CT, Messiah Lutheran. Lori organized the vacation day camp for our church this year, it's a week long ALL DAY bible camp for kids!!! She does an amazing job organizing this huge event!

On the day of this shoot it looked like we were going to get rained out as I drove to the coast! However, it was just a perfect day for photographing! Greg and Brevinn came with me for this shoot as they were graciously invited by Rob and Lori for lunch. At Messiah, our church members are spread out all across the state, so it's wonderful seeing them out side of church because it doesn't happen that often!!! Thank you Rob and Lori, for the lunch, and for choosing me to capture your family memories of 2009! God's blessings!

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