Saturday, April 4, 2009


Greg and I like to get involved with the youth in our church!!! They are such a great group of kids, and very well behaved of course!! We went to Nomad's in South's an indoor adventure world!! They all seemed to have a great time....I can tell I'm getting old because 2 hours in their was plenty of time for me!!! We are looking forward to several events this summer and can't wait until we start meeting regularly after church!! Not pictured in the group picture were several mom's and our new Pastor's wife that came my scatter brain mommy head I totally forgot to get a picture of them!!! Oh well Next time....Thanks again for helping out ladies I truly appreciate it!!!

Brevinn was tuckered out after a long day with the BIG kids!!!

Ooops I woke him up with all my clicking!!
This outfit that he is wearing is one of my favorites!! It's from a store that I network with called, "My New Wardrobe" in Avon!! They are great!! You should check them out sometime!!! They have been wonderful for my Children's portrait business allowing me to put fun playful portraits of children in their little boutique and now we are working on another campaign!!!
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Travis Flynn said...

I especially like the near/far bumper car picture. It looks like it was a lot of fun for the kids!