Thursday, April 16, 2009

Card Shower for my BETH

This is a custom designed invitation for a Card Shower for my friend Beth who is having a BOY in late June!!! I was soooooo excited that I was able to take photograph of her at 18 weeks!!!! I didn't think I'd even be able to see her during her pregnancy!!! I miss being close to her and my good friend Richelle who live in close proximity to eachother and before we moved to Connecticut we were only 1 hour away from BOTH of them!!! We still talk allllot and with the benefit of Skype, it doesn't feel very far away!!! BTW a card shower is when: you pick a week to shower your friend/family member with gifts because the majority of those involved live a far distance away!!! It's a wonderful way to show your support, and very fun for the honored one!!! This was a surprise card shower soooooo she didn't know until this past Monday and she called me saying she started receiving gifts!!! YEY Congrats Beth, I wish you all the best with your upcoming labor and delivery!!!!

These are my fold-over cards at their best!!!! I love creating unique cards for every occasion!!! This is a card shower I put together for one of my BESTEST friends in Minnesota... we were both the Maids of Honor at eachothers' weddings!!! I can create cards like these for birthday parties, showers, thank you's, wedding announcements or save the dates, Christmas card, Easter cards, and any holiday you could think of!!!

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Travis Flynn said...

Nice pictures! I like the color scheme a lot. Can't beat the Pooh quote!