Monday, April 27, 2009


April 19th-We drove to queens to watch the Mets take on our beloved Milwaukee Brewers at Citi field. This was Brevinn's first brewer game and he was decked out!!! - mini tatoos and all
Also we were so excited to have my brother come out to visit us; he came just in time for the game!!! My brother Matt lives in Minnesota and has his own wedding videography company(savedbygracestudios); crazy that we ended up in the same field of business.

This is just a little snippet of our favorite diner in Plainville, CT.
So vintage...looooooove it!!! I hope to have several shoots at this awesome location soon!!!

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Erik Maziarz said...

way to start 'em early! :-) good stuff. we took Caroline to Fenway for her first Sox game a few weeks ago.