Monday, April 27, 2009

Arizona relived & looking ahead

So in January this year, Brevinn and I traveled to Phoenix so that we could see family!!! ....and I there was an international photography convention at the brand new Phoenix Convention Center!!! Gorgeous!!! I have a few pics below from the trip that I haven't shared yet!!

A few of my little sister Betsy's senior session!!!!

My younger bro Ben....we like to call him strictly Uncle Ben's Rice

My mommy and daddy...they are soooo young looking!!!! They are both very active so they keep in really good shape. My dad rides bike in the crazy mountains and my mom teaches and and serves at a restaurant.
This is Greg's brother Tony! He had a short lived stay in Phoenix; he didn't care for it so he's moving back to Milwaukee by his friends and girlfriend.

This is one of the albums that Zookbinders gave me!!! They are one of the album companies I use for my various album designs!!! So excited to be working with them!!! And the reason I am showing this to you is....because they used my album for about 5 or 6 of their samples!!! Soooo exciting!!! And even better they gave me 2 of them!!!! That is what the below left photograph is all about!!!

Amazing view from the Center!!

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