Thursday, April 9, 2009


So this year I've had the pleasure of working with a mom by the name of Pia! She is very creative and has allot of fun decorating ideas for her home! We designed these canvases for her daughters' playroom!!! We photographed the girls last summer and these are the two prints she chose for the room!!!! They look so beautiful!!!!

So the boys that are helping paint and finish Pia's beautiful home helped us place the gallery wraps perfectly in the space. The room is at the end of a long open space which contains their kitchen, dining, and living room!!! It's so exciting to see them on the wall in such a perfect way for that space!!!

Grandma enjoying the prints for the first time!!!
I don't know if she realizes that I took a photograph of her!!! I love this because it's like she is looking at a painting in an art gallery.... hmmm galleria vivid....ring a bell....ok I'm a dork...but I have to try, right?!!!!

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