Saturday, August 8, 2009

ERIN rocked Hartford {Calendar Glam Session, M.V. Photography}

Ok, so this week I had the pleasure of photographing Erin, a friend of ours that also works at ESPN. She is getting involved in our calendar for charity, so exciting!!!! As well as we needed to take "head shots" for her potential future opportunities, long term, to be doing some on-camera work. Erin, you would be great, you are such an honestly sweet person, I wish you all the best for always, wherever life may take you!!!

These shots look sooooo vintage to me, I love them!!!


This was taken at a very cool, chill coffee shop on Pratt Street called JoJo's!!

City Steam rocks for many reasons: 1. is the beer 2. the atmosphere YEY!!!

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Erik Maziarz said...

fun shoot! love the shots with the HARTFORD sign in the background, and the shots with the hat. you really captured the spirit of Hartford with these.