Friday, August 7, 2009

Farmington River, CT {a day in the life of the Howard family}

Ok , soooo this week I had the pleasure of photographing Hannah, Jack, Hollyn, & Landon, 4 amazing kids, with vibrant personalities!!! We went to the Farmington River near Unionville and Lana, their mom, showed me the BEST, COOLEST spot ever for picnics and pictures!!! Our family will definitely back for our own fun! It was a pleasure and an honor to photograph such a wonderful family, much love Lana!!! God's blessings and have a GREAT vacation!

gotta love these silly faces:)

I love this feet shot, lets call it....."Me TOO" Landon's one foot is grasping to be a part of the big kids picture!!!!

"I LOVE THIS" it reminds me of Full House when Stephanie has a boy that like him that always makes this kissy face and quacks like a duck after her. I don't know if you remember this episode but it was classic!!!!

Ok so I'm obsessed with flare...can't help myself!!!

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Eric Foley said...

Missy, that feet shot is killer! Very nice!