Sunday, August 16, 2009

FUN FAMILY 4th {Wisconsin 4th of July}

I'm excited to post pictures from our visit to Wisconsin from the 4th of July weekend. It was really special because we usually NEVER see family on an actual holiday!!!! I realize I STILL need to post pictures from our spring ARIZONA never ends!!!! BUT I LOVE IT ALL!!!!

These photographs were taken in Karen & Jerry's (Greg's parents) beautiful backyard in there NEW home in Kiel, WI!

Thanks to my good friend Jen Plisch, I composed the image, and she was able to snap the picture!!!

This wasn't the best time to photograph the 3 grand kids...but I don't know if anytime is these pics Brevinn was SO ready for a nap and I believe Ava was just ready to be done with all of the nonsense!!!! Overall I was happy with the's so amazing that in 2 years there are 3 cousins...boom, boom, boom!!!! YEY, it will be such a joy seeing them grow up together!!

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